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Faculty Development just got easier!  Use this handy reference as a stimulus for conversations about improving teaching techniques, improving student learning, and pedagogy. Schedule programming that includes multiple sessions to address each section:  Foundational Concepts, Active Learning Strategies, Collaborative Learning Techniques, and Classroom Assessment Techniques.



    The Pocket Guide on Evidence-Based Instruction is designed for faculty members to build a more comprehensive teaching toolbox.
 Each set addresses Active Learning Strategies, Classroom Assessment Techniques, Collaborative Learning Techniques, and Foundational Learning Concepts. Individual cards describes a specific instructional strategy, suggestions student buy-in, and references.


    Suggested uses:

    • Individual Use: Once per week look through the cards and identify a strategy to employ in a given class period.
    • New Faculty Orientation: Give the card sets out during new faculty orientation and facilitate a conversation about e ective teaching and what best leads to student learning.
    • Faculty Learning Communities: Form an FLC with a goal of working on teaching strategies throughout the academic year. Once per month faculty members in the FLC each identify a card and change her or his teaching based on the card selected over the next month. At the next meeting individuals discuss what was learned and then select a new card for the upcoming month.
    • Department Meetings: Give the card sets to faculty members in your department. Set time aside during department meetings and use the card sets to encourage faculty to share implementation suggestions.

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    If you would like to order 100+ pocket guides, please contact us directly at:


    Diana Chesire, Citadel:

    "One of the best resources I have ever used for faculty development. Quick tips in an easy to use format for busy faculty. A must have!"


    Rod McRae, University of West Virginia:

    • Handy go-to for any class session
    • Excellent reference tool for lesson building
    • It goes with me to every class
    • I don't/won't teach without it!


    "These pocket guides are truly amazing. The make a great resource for us to give to faculty as a way to help them have quick tips and techniques at their fingertips."




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