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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Designed by educators, our products outline how to intentionally connect mindful instruction, principles of learning, classroom assessment, and metacognition. 


Our products are designed to: 

  • meet you where you are (regardless of how long you have been teaching), 

  • incorporate evidence-based strategies, 

  • guide learning checks, 

  • and promote transparency to gain student-buy in. 


Our customers include educators and educational/faculty developers working at universities, colleges, preparatory academies, high schools, and training and development centers.   


Our Story

Educational Blueprints was established in 2018, as a source of inspiration to reinforce and advance educators' efforts to support student's academic success.

Our easy-to-use desktop reference tools support faculty efforts to deliver quality instruction through

  • evidence-based practices for teaching and learning,

  • complimenting instruction with student engagement strategies,

  • fostering community among students,

  • embracing a growth-minded framework for both student learning and educators' skills/toolbox

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