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Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy Slider


Based on the revised Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy, use this slider to engage students in the learning process at each level of cognitive thinking. Each box corresponds with the 3 components of backward design to assist with lesson planning.


  1. Determine the goal (Outcome Verb)

  2. Identify how success will be exhibited (Outcome behavior)

  3. Select a teaching technique to reach the desired outcome (Instructional Strategies). 


This guide helps you develop course objectives, class discussion questions, and assessment questions, and to select instructional strategies that actively engage students in the learning process. 

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Pocket Guide for Evidence-Based Instruction


The Pocket Guide on Evidence-Based Instruction is designed for faculty members to build a more comprehensive teaching toolbox. Each set addresses Active Learning Strategies, Classroom Assessment Techniques, Collaborative Learning Techniques, and Foundational Learning Concepts. Individual cards describes a specific instructional strategy, suggestions student buy-in, and references.


Suggested Uses

  • Individual Use: Once per week look through the cards and identify a strategy to employ in a given class period.

  • New Faculty Orientation: Give the card sets out during new faculty orientation and facilitate a conversation about e ective teaching and what best leads to student learning.

  • Faculty Learning Communities: Form an FLC with a goal of working on teaching strategies throughout the academic year. Once per month faculty members in the FLC each identify a card and change her or his teaching based on the card selected over the next month. At the next meeting individuals discuss what was learned and then select a new card for the upcoming month.

  • Department Meetings: Give the card sets to faculty members in your department. Set time aside during department meetings and use the card sets to encourage faculty to share implementation suggestions.

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These valuable resources are intended for both novice and expert faculty members. Both are printed and assembled in the USA. Both tools have been used by thousands of faculty members and are covered by the 100% EB exchange program. Although to date it has never happened, if these tools do not meet your expectations, simply return them to us and you will get full purchase credit toward any current or future EB product. Please note that we do not offer refunds. 

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